Invictus Merchant CRM

This proprietary CRM webapp, has been developed from scratch, to help automate and improve client management and acquisition  processes for a NYC based startup – One Shot Marketing LLC. Some key functionality includes an internal messaging system, task delegation module with easy tasklist replication, file uploads and basic statistics.

Invictus Merchant CRM Main

Prior to reaching out to IT Creative Labs, our client has tested a number of other existing software solutions and tried different approaches to tackle automation and reporting issues that were mounting within their startup as it was continuously growing. Nonetheless, due to innate specifics of the business process and a non-trivial structure they soon realized the need for a custom solution.


In the early stages of the project, O.S.M. team didn’t have a clear vision of what it was they wanted to build, which is absolutely OK and quite common for many clients, especially those coming from a non-technical background. At this point our delegated product owner works with the client to convey their vision into a thorough backlog, identifying and prioritizing main features and writing user stories. This is key to successfully starting any agile software development project and One Shot Marketing were actively engaged in the process which helped to move passed this milestone very quickly.


It isn’t uncommon for users to access the system on mobile devices in locations with limitted connectivity, so we proposed a light and minimalistic visual design, with very few graphic elements and nested menu structures. We opted for a classic slideout left-side menu scheme which gives users easy access to all the key functions of the platform. Twitter bootstrap is used for layout and responsive functionality and thus the app looks and behaves exactly the same across multiple screens, browsers and devices.


The main purpose of Invictus Merchant CRM system is to automate and simplify corporate business processes, in particular task management and delegation between multiple managers, independent contractors and their subsequent clients.

The platform features a versatile profile module and  is capable of handling multiple usergroups, each having its own set of access and permissions. Users can register and create a system profile which is then activated by the associated manager or have the account and profile created for them by the latter. Password recovery feature and email notifications are also available.

One of the core pillars of the system is the task management module. Managers are able to create new task lists for every single independent contractor they supervise, as well as able to use other task lists, currently existing in the database (composed by other managers for other contractors), as backbone templates (without seeing the other contractor’s output on the list and/or their communication with the manager). Both managers and contractors have the ability to upload and download files associated with a certain task and only the parties assigned to the tasklist have access to the files.  Moreover each task has it’s own “weight” proportional to the overall tasklist and the same task can have different a weight depending on the tasklist where it appears. Managers may and do assign multiple tasklists to contractors, edit tasks and update milestones throughout the project lifecycle and are able to switch contractors in between lists, reassigning them altogether.The aforementioned description is just a brief excerpt of the requirements associated with task management module.

Technology Stack

Laravel v.5, Docker, PHP, Nginx

The application was distributed “packaged” in a Docker container, so deployment to the client server was easy and went without any hurdles.