Email Marketing

We provide our clients with a full scope of professional email marketing services – we design, implement and launch powerful marketing campaigns. When developing campaign strategy our main focus is on key performance indicators, such as target customer acquisition and expansion of existing brand awareness.

Technologies and quick overview

  • highly dynamic content (allows you to segment your customers and feature the right content to each group based on certain criteria);

  • advanced personalization (to attract customers to the unique information available and pertaining only to them);

  • custom and maintainable code fully compatible with any email service provider.

We have experience in a wide range of markets such as retail, finance, entertainment, editorial, automotive with insights to explore other areas as well.

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With a solid foundation in design and years of experience we guarantee pixel perfect representation across all devices and email clients. We utilize a set of robust tools most competitors are not aware of to make sure our customers receive the highest quality product for the most competitive price.