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3 Innovative Applications of Digital Personalization in B2C

Digital personalization is about using insights on consumer behavior to deliver tailored value. The holy grail of marketing would be to actionably understand individuals’ conscious and subconscious desires, interests, and needs, as well as the factors that drive each person’s decision making process. With this, we could more seamlessly predict consumers’ intent and model out

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Reonomy – Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation for real estate

The project was implemented for a client in real estate industry. The core product is the platform that connects the world of CRE by mapping data and insights from the titans of data and real estate. This was a multi-phased project. Phase 1 of the project was to redesign and redevelop a few Product Updates newsletters according

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NY Email Marketing

A lot has been going on at ITCL and this post I would like to make a little different. It will still be industry focused (because we live and breathe technology and innovation) but it will be more personal. In the time when most of it can be done by an AI assistant it feels

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