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Minimal Node.js development environment using docker-compose

Quick and painless setup of a basic local development environment for Node.js using docker-compose. This is a quick tutorial on how to get a Node.js Docker container up and running for local development. This approach does NOT require a Dockerfile and solves infamous insidious server response issues.  No more “localhost didn’t send any data” or “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” or

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Connect to WooCommerce Rest API using Javascript

Get data from WooCommerce via Rest API from the client, using JavaScript. Surprisingly, tutorials on this delicate subject are seldom found on page one of search results. Moreover, as of the moment of this writing WooCommerce documentation is also missing this information. Warning: It is never a good idea to expose API authentication credentials. Nevertheless, in rare cases when you do end up

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Raven Copywriting

Responsive website for a marketing and PR firm with focus and professional expertise in healthcare and healthcare technology, pharmaceuticals, and the insurance industry.

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