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Using Artificial Intelligence to Drive Content Personalization

Business results are not why personalization is important, people are. A human-centered approach to value creation is key In an era in which data analysis drives strategy, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that each unique visitor, page view, goal conversion, sale, and marketing automation ID has a person behind it. And with

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Segmentation and Dynamic Content Fuel Email Personalization

Leverage list segmentation, dynamic content, and dynamic fields to drive email personalization. Research from Experian Marketing Services indicates that personalized emails drive 6x greater transaction rates than their non-tailored counterparts while Data Marketing Association evidences a 760% uplift in email-attributed revenue from segmented campaigns. However, with less than 50% of retailers sending personalized product recommendations

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Reonomy – Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation for real estate

The project was implemented for a client in real estate industry. The core product is the platform that connects the world of CRE by mapping data and insights from the titans of data and real estate. This was a multi-phased project. Phase 1 of the project was to redesign and redevelop a few Product Updates newsletters according

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