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Deploy using git pull

Task – automatically pull files from bitbucket git repo upon commit/merge to master. Whenever there’s a need to deploy by means of an automated git pull, without the whole container,  docker registry, aws overhead, the code below works best. exec(“git pull https://username:password@bitbucket.org/company/repo.git master”); Here are the step-by step instructions: Create a user on bitbucket with access to

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Zarah Cinarli Portfolio

Design integration, visual effects, mobile adaptation and backend development of a portfolio website for creative designer from NYC – Zarah Cinarli.

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Invictus Merchant CRM

Proprietary CRM webapp, developed from scratch, to help automate and improve client management and acquisition processes for a NYC startup. Some key functionality includes an internal messaging system, task delegation module with easy tasklist replication, file uploads and basic stats.

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